Trikon Paymaster

Welcome to the comprehensive documentation for the Trikon Paymaster feature within the Trikon ecosystem. This innovative tool empowers game developers and studios with highly customizable monetization approaches for their games. Explore the key features, functionality, and security measures outlined below to understand how the Custom Paymaster enhances developer flexibility and user experience while ensuring transparency and security.

Key Features

Customizable Monetization Policies

Game developers can define monetization policies tailored to their specific project requirements, including rules for gas payment sponsorship, revenue models, and monetization strategies.

Project-Level Policies

Implement policies at the project level to ensure consistency and uniformity across all smart contracts associated with a particular game or project.

Wallet-Level Policies

Apply specific monetization rules to transactions originating from a particular wallet, enhancing flexibility for targeted monetization strategies.

Smart Contract-Level Policies

Set policies at the smart contract level for finer granularity, accommodating complex game structures with diverse in-game transactions.

Gas Payment Sponsorship

Developers can sponsor gas payments for users, eliminating transaction costs and encouraging increased user engagement and seamless in-game transactions.

Transparent and Predictable Costs

Ensure transparent and predictable gas payment costs for users, fostering trust and loyalty within the gaming ecosystem.

Dynamic Revenue Models

Implement dynamic revenue models, allowing developers to experiment with various monetization strategies, from free-to-play models to innovative token-based economies.

Integration with Trikon Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrated with other Trikon components, the Custom Paymaster works harmoniously with the Trikon SmartWallet, Token Marketplace, and P2P Trading Hub, providing a holistic ecosystem for developers and users.

How It Works

Here's a step-by-step overview of how the Custom Paymaster operates within the Trikon ecosystem:

  1. Policy Definition: Game developers define monetization policies at the project, wallet, or smart contract level using the Custom Paymaster interface.

  2. Gas Payment Sponsorship: The Custom Paymaster sponsors gas payments based on the defined policies, ensuring minimal friction during in-game transactions.

  3. Transparent Cost Communication: Users receive transparent information about gas payment sponsorship, fostering a clear understanding of transaction costs.

  4. Dynamic Adjustments: Developers can dynamically adjust policies to experiment with different monetization models, responding to user feedback and market dynamics.

  5. Integration with Trikon Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrates with the broader Trikon ecosystem, allowing developers to leverage the full suite of Trikon tools and services for a comprehensive gaming experience.

Security Measures

Ensuring robust security measures are in place is crucial to safeguarding in-game transactions and maintaining user trust. Here are the security measures implemented:

  • Secure Policy Implementation: Policies undergo rigorous security assessments to ensure the integrity and safety of in-game transactions.

  • User Consent: Transparent communication with users about gas payment sponsorship ensures awareness and consent to applied monetization policies.

  • Continuous Security Audits: Regular security audits are conducted to identify and address potential vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust and secure user experience.

    Paymaster Setup

    The Trikon Paymaster serves as a foundational element for supporting gaming studios in implementing web3 infrastructure effortlessly. Let's explore the steps required for its setup:

    Trikon Bundler

    Ensure the Trikon Bundler is operational on the designated blockchain network. This bundler functions akin to a validator, responsible for processing transactions fetched from the mempool and executing them through the handleops functions on the Entrypoint contract.

    Entrypoint Contract

    Deploy the Entrypoint contract on the same blockchain network. The Entrypoint contract, readily available across all networks, eliminates the need for individual deployment and acts as a pivotal point for transaction execution.

    Verifying Paymaster Contract

    Deploy the Verifying Paymaster Contract on the same blockchain network. This contract plays a crucial role in facilitating the payment and sponsorship of users' gas fees for various transactions within the gaming ecosystem.

    Smart-Wallet-Factory Contract

    Set up the Smart-Wallet-Factory contract on the designated blockchain network. This contract streamlines the process of wallet creation for users, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free gaming experience.

    Paymaster Policies

    Configure the paymaster policies through the Customizable Paymaster UI. These policies allow gaming studios to tailor the sponsorship of users' gas fees according to their preferences and requirements, providing flexibility and customization options.

    Paymaster Functionality Overview

    Now, let's explore how the Trikon Paymaster functions in practice:

    1. Paymaster Setup: Begin by ensuring the Trikon Bundler is operational and deploying the necessary contracts on the designated blockchain network.

    2. Transaction Processing: The Trikon Bundler retrieves transactions from the mempool and executes them through the handleops functions on the Entrypoint contract, facilitating seamless transaction processing.

    3. Beneficiary Address: During execution, the bundler requires a beneficiary address to which all collected gas fees from paymasters are directed, ensuring transparent and efficient fund management.

    4. Paymaster Deployment: Gaming studios deploy the Paymaster contracts on the same blockchain network, with the contract owner assuming responsibility for deployment and management.

    5. Paymasteranddata Generation: This critical data includes essential parameters such as the paymaster's address, Valid_Until, Valid_After, and the owner's signature on the hash of userops before paymasteranddata and signature, valid_until, valid_after.

    6. Transaction Execution: Upon the addition of paymasteranddata to the userops, the sender signs the entirety of userops and forwards it for execution. The Trikon Bundler processes the transaction, which is subsequently added to the blockchain for verification.

    7. Transaction Visibility: Once executed, transactions become visible on the blockchain and can be easily monitored and verified using a block explorer.

    Security Measures

    Ensuring robust security measures are in place is paramount to safeguarding user data and maintaining the integrity of the gaming ecosystem. Here's how Trikon addresses security concerns:

    • Web3Auth and JWT: Implement a dual-layered security approach, utilizing Web3Auth for user authentication via social login and JWT for encrypting and validating requests sent by the application, thereby fortifying the system against unauthorized access and data breaches.

    • Data Sanitization: Prioritize data sanitization procedures to cleanse all inputs before transmitting them to the backend. This preventive measure helps mitigate potential vulnerabilities and ensures data integrity throughout the system.

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